Year 1 Home Learning

Year 1 Literacy lesson 4th March

Year 1 Maths Lesson 03.03.2021 Sharing Equally

Additional resources can be found on the Year 1 Home Learning page of the school website.

KS1 RSE lesson

In this lesson we begin to look at special people in our lives.

Maths - Sharing 02.03.2021

Year 1 World Day of Prayer Lesson

Topic Lesson 2 (Geography)

Improving the local environment

Year 1 Literacy 25th February

Maths Lesson 24.02.2021 - Money Lesson 2

RE with Mrs Loftus

Year 1 Literacy - Tuesday 23rd February

Maths Lesson - 23.02.2021

Topic Lesson 1 - 23.02.2021

Year 1 Phonics lesson 11th February

Year 1 Literacy lesson 11th February

All resources mentioned in the video can be found on the Year 1 Home learning page. You may wish to print these to use during the lesson.

Year 1 Maths Lesson 10.02.2021

Year 1 Measure Lesson 1 - 09.02.2021

Year 1 Measure Lesson 2 - 09.02.2021

Year 1 Literacy Monday 8th February

Year 1 Literacy 5th February

Today we will be looking at the pronoun I and practising writing sentences in first person.

Year 1 Maths Lesson - 03.02.2021

02.02.2021 - Telling the Time o'clock

Year 1 Literacy lesson - 1st February 2021

Year 1 Literacy - 28th January

Basketball with Storm Year 1

Year 1 Maths 27.01.2021 - Repeated Addition

Story time with Mrs Loftus - 27th January

Do not wash this bear

Year 1 Maths Lessons Repeated Addition 26.01.2021

Veggie Crunch Yr1

Year 1 Literacy 25th January 2021

In this lesson we will be recapping some of the skills we have practised in our Guided Reading lessons to answer some comprehension questions. Check the Year 1 home learning page for copies of the activities mentioned in the video.

Year 1 Literacy lesson 21st January

This lesson is all about the suffix -er.

Story time with Mrs Loftus 20th January

How to grow a dinosaur

20.01.2021 Year 1 Maths Lesson - Fractions

Year 1 Maths Lesson 19.01.2021 - Fractions

A Healthy Lunch Assembly

Literacy lesson 18th January

Year 1 Literacy 14th January

In today's lesson we are going to be writing a letter. Have you ever received a letter before?

Year 1 Maths Lesson - Comparing and Ordering Numbers

12.01.2021 Maths Lesson - Subtraction

Phunky Food - Healthy Lunch

Literacy lesson 11th January 2021

You will need your exercise book and pencil for this lesson.

KS1 Music Lesson 1

Year 1 Maths 08.01.2021

Literacy 7th January 2021

You will need your exercise book and a pencil to complete this lesson.