EYFS Home Learning

EYFS Math Lesson Friday 5th March

Maths lesson - 3D shape part 2

EYFS Storytime with Mrs Knight

Listen to a story with Mrs Knight

World Book Day Story with Mrs Knight

Oi Frog - can you find the rhyming words?

World Book Day Storytime with Miss Brown

Time to get cosy and enjoy a story with Miss Brown.

EYFS World Day of Prayer

EYFS lesson about World Day of Prayer. This is the link for the song about The Wise and Foolish Builders www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu5bBDRpzPM&safe=true

EYFS Rhyme

EYFS phonics lesson with a focus on rhyme.

EYFS Phonics 3/3/21

Phase 2 phonics lesson

EYFS RSE lesson

In this lesson we look at what makes us special and unique.

EYFS Math Lesson Tuesday 2nd March

Maths Lesson 3D Shapes

EYFS Maths Friday 26th February

Measures - Weighing

EYFS Story time Friday 26th February

Listen to a story

EYFS Literacy The Gingerbread Man

Mrs Jannece reads the story of The Gingerbread Man. We then learn to retell the story with the use of a story map.

RE with Mrs Loftus

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics Lesson 24.2.21

Today we learn the ear trigraph.

Phase 2 Phonics 24.2.21

Phase 2 Phonics.

EYFS Maths Lesson on weight

In today's lesson you will learn to measure objects by their weight.

EYFS Maths Capacity Lesson 12.02.21

capacity Lesson

EYFS Story Time

listen to Mrs Knight read a story

Thursday 11th Feb EYFS Phonics

EYFS Phonics Lesson

EYFS Phase 2 Phonics

Phonics with a focus on phase 2 sounds.

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics

Today we learn a new trigraph.

EYFS Maths Lesson Measure

In today's lesson you will be learning about measure.

Scrambled Eggs

EYFS Monday 8th February - EAD Lesson

How to make a rocket

EYFS Story time with Mrs. Knight

storytime - A Bag Full of Worries

EYFS Maths Lesson - Subtraction

subtraction using part whole model and tens frame

Thursday 4th February EYFS Phonics

Today we play some games to help us learn some of the Phase 3 Tricky Words.

Jump Ahead 3

Join miss Healy for the next Jump Ahead session.

Phase 2 Phonics 3/2/21

EYFS Phase 2 Phonics

Wednesday 2nd Feb Phase 3 Phonics

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics

EYFS Math Lesson - Addition

Addition Machine

EYFS Listening and Attention Game 1/2/21

Join in and play a listening and attention game.

EYFS Math Lesson

Addition (continued)

Storytime with Mrs Knight


EYFS RE Lesson

RE lesson on Celebrations

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics

Thursday phonics. Join in to learn a new digraph.

Jump Ahead 2

Join Miss Healy and Mrs Warren for the next Jump Ahead session.

Basketball with Storm EYFS

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics 27/1/21

Today we learn a new digraph.

Phase 2 Phonics 27/1/21

EYFS Phase 2 Phonics

EYFS Maths 26th January

Today the children will be learning to add two groups together. They will also learn about their number bonds to 5 using the part whole method.

Veggie Crunch

Listening and Attention session 1

Join us for a listening and attention game.

Jump Ahead

Jump Ahead will help you develop your motor skills.

EYFS Maths - extra video

How to form the numbers 11-20

EYFS Maths Lesson

less than

EYFS Phonics Thursday 21st January

Today we learn a new digraph and recap some tricky words. Mrs Jannece suggests some games you may like to play.

EYFS Phase 2 Phonics

In this lesson we recap Phase 2 letter sounds. We listen for the initial and missing sounds in words.

EYFS Phase 3 Phonics Wednesday 20th January

Today we learn a new digraph. I wonder which one it will be!

19.01.21 EYFS Maths lesson

Today we will be learning about one more.

A Healthy Lunch

Listening and Attention Game

This game will help you improve your memory and concentration skills.

Story Time

Whatever Next, by Jill Murphy

Maths Lesson - Friday 15th January

Today's lesson is carrying on with positional/directional language which you learnt about on Tuesday with Mrs Knight.

EYFS Phonics 14th January 2021

Today we learn a new letter sound and use our phonic knowledge to read and write words. Mrs Jannece has set a name writing challenge.

Wednesday 13th January EYFS Phonics

Today Mrs Jannece teaches a new digraph.

EYFS EAD Colour mixing

mixing primary colours

EYFS Maths Lesson (Positional Language)

Counting 0-20 Positional Language (on, in, out, above, below)

Phunky Foods - Healthy Lunch


Today we recap the phonemes ai and ee

EYFS/KS1 Music Lesson 1

Measuring Time

We will recap the months of the year and days of the week. We will be thinking about how we measure time and then seeing if we can complete some challenges in 30 seconds.